Event Captain Job
$202.16 estimated pay
$28.88/hr x 7.0 hours
1:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday, October 19
Instructions and details
Bistro black attire: Pressed black dress shirt, black slacks, black dress shoes, black belt, black tie
Wear black non-slip shoes
Bring a pen
Bring a wine key
Bring a black apron
You will be a section captain for a served dinner. In charge of wine pouring and directing servers during dinner service.
Location details
Free parking available
You’ll be provided a meal
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An event captain role refers to a back of house or a front of house worker whose primary responsibility is to be the liaison between gig workers and operators.

Event captain responsibilities:

Interacted positively with customers while promoting services.
Organised special events in a banquet ,including reception, promotion and corporate luncheons.
Correctly calculated inventory and ordered appropriate supplies.
Maintained a safe working and guest environment to reduce the risk of injury and accidents.

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