Dishwasher Job
This gig has expired
$125.96 estimated pay
$25.26/hr x 7.0 hours
4:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Sunday, December 08
Instructions and details
Wear black non-slip shoes

No instructions

Location details
Free parking available
Use back door
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A dishwasher refers to a back of house worker whose primary responsibilities are to keep the dishpit clean and functioning.

Dishwasher's responsibilities:

Scrape and sort dishes before loading them into a dishwashing machine for cleaning.
Monitor dish machine water temperature during sanitary wash cycle.
Unload dishwashing machine after a wash to put away utensils and dishes at proper storage units.
Sweep and scrub kitchen floors to ensure a clean and tidy work area.
Bag kitchen trash and discard in a dumpster at intervals.
Maintain adequate levels of detergents and other cleaning supplies.
Assist in the preparation and serving of food as may be required.
Participate in periodic employee meetings and contribute to the growth of an establishment.
Stock supplies such as food items and utensils in kitchen and storage areas.
Load or unload trucks that deliver or pick up food stock from a restaurant.
Use hand trucks to move supplies or equipment from a storage area to work area.
Set up banquet tables and dining areas according to set standards.
Maintain dishwashing machine and report any mechanical faults to supervisor.
Stock and arrange kitchen utensils and dishes in an orderly manner.
Handle glassware and other fragile tableware to prevent breakage.
Maintain a customer-focused attitude while performing job duties.

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