Dishwasher Job
Manhattan Beach
This gig has expired
$138.23 estimated pay
$17.04/hr x 8.0 hours
5:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Tuesday, August 20
Instructions and details
Kitchen black attire: Black shirt, black pants
Wear black non-slip shoes
Must be able to lift 50 lbs If facial hair, must be neat and trimmed Black Pants, Black non slip shoes, Black shirt
Location details
Free parking available
Use back door
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A dishwasher refers to a back of house worker whose primary responsibilities are to keep the dishpit clean and functioning.

Dishwasher's responsibilities:

Ability to operate an industrial dishwasher safely and rapidly.
Wash glassware and various kitchen items by hand, when necessary.
Strength and stamina required to lift loads and empty/clean all trash receptacles.
Ability to meticulously clean iced tea and coffee machines daily.
Highly organized, managing placement of all kitchen items and dishes and mindful of need to rotate dishes to reduce wear and tear.
Commitment to all around cleanliness, including dishwashing and dish storage areas.
Willingness to follow sanitation and safety policies at all times.
Willingness to assist prep cook and other staff as needed, especially during rushes.
Commitment to performing daily duties e.g. opening, closing, and side work.
Basic janitorial skills to clean up spills, broken glassware, etc. immediately.
Willingness to report any sanitation or janitorial issues to management.

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