Dishwasher Job
Downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas
This gig has expired
$86.17 estimated pay
$11.00/hr x 8.0 hours
6:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Sunday, September 22
Instructions and details
Kitchen black attire: Black shirt, black pants
Wear black non-slip shoes
Location details
Parking available, not free
You’ll be provided a meal
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A dishwasher refers to a back of house worker whose primary responsibilities are to keep the dishpit clean and functioning.

Dishwasher's responsibilities:

Collect soiled dishes from dining areas and transport them to the kitchen.
Ensure that soiled dishes are stacked properly so that they can be picked easily for washing purposes.
Mix liquid soap and ensure that sponges are properly immersed in the liquid.
Clean dishes and flatware with water in order to clear them of dirt.
Soap down dishes and ensure that they are rinsed properly.
Place washed dishware and flatware on drying racks.
Use drying cloth to dry dishes and flatware completely.
Load soap and water into dishwashers.
Place dishes appropriately in the dishwasher.
Switch dishwasher on for the right amount of time and keep a watch on the timer.
Remove washed dishes from the dishwasher and make arrangements to dry them if needed.
Stack dishes properly in cupboards.
Maintain kitchen work areas and receive and store kitchen supplies.
Sweep kitchen floor and take trash out.
Ensure that the kitchen floor is properly sanitized.
Perform preventative and regular maintenance on dishwashers and ovens.
Mop stockrooms and report any hazardous situations to the kitchen or maintenance manager.
Ensure that all dish cleaning equipment and supplies are stocked properly.

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