Dish / Prep Job
Presidio, San Francisco
This gig has expired
$144.93 estimated pay
$17.05/hr x 8.5 hours
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday, April 21
Instructions and details
Kitchen black attire: Black shirt, black pants
Wear black non-slip shoes
Location details
Free parking available
You’ll be provided a meal
Use back door
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A dish/prep role refers to a back of house worker whose primary role is to support current dishwasher or prep cook at the job site.

Dish/Prep's responsibilities:

Learn all recipes and specs for each menu item.
Maintain high standards of organization and cleanliness.
Follow/complete prep lists and set up stations in a timely manner.
Follow food safety guidelines and check shelf lives on product.
Have ability to prepare all orders within specified ticket times.
Maintain organization throughout service.
Demonstrate a pleasant demeanor towards all guests and fellow team members.
Follow standards of etiquette in our kitchen that reflect the culture of Apex Entertainment.
A large part of the kitchen is the dish area. Keeping this area clean and organized is mandatory. It is an integral part of the team and duties in the dish pit include:
Mopping floors, taking out trash, organizing linen.
Set up and breakdown of dish machine.
Maintaining full levels of chemicals.
Organizing clean dishes on racks.
Communicating with staff in terms of prioritization.
Helping with prepping food products for service.
Must be able to stand for 6-8 hours at a time.
Must complete any tasks delegated by management.

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