Counter Staff / Cashier Job
Gold Canyon
This gig has expired
$148.00 estimated pay
$16.00/hr x 9.0 hours
8:45 AM - 6:00 PM (MST)
Sunday, March 29
Instructions and details
Attire: **Renaissance Era attire/costume will be provided and required to work this shift.You can NOT wear any clothing under the costume that contains pockets. You will be given a safe secure spot to change and store clothing that will need to be removed before working. Please plan accordingly. Please wear comfortable sneakers; NO OPEN TOED SHOES** No personal belongings will be allowed with you unless in a clear plastic bag. Purses and bags will have to be left with clothing behind if not clear.
IMPORTANT DETAILS!! This is a cash handling position that requires BASIC MATH with no pen/paper or calculator in order to provide exact change for each transaction. You will be asked to do basic math before the shift. PERSONAL ITEMS: CELL PHONES are to be left off unless you are off the clock on break/lunch or if you have an EXCUSE SHEET from ELI or Laura for emergencies only. CASH ON HAND – You can NOT have any personal cash with you at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS ! ! ! ! ! TIPPING OF CASH HANDLERS: (THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS)If there is a Guest that offers a tip, even if persistent, PLEASE DECLINEWITH A THANK YOU, and let them know that you appreciate the gesture but are not allowed to accept. If Guest still insists or leaves the tip on the counter, IMMEDIATELY call your Manager and give them the tip to put in the large bill box. THIS MUST BE DONE BY THE MANAGER!!! You will clock in and out via the app. But will also check in with Laura before and after every shift.
Location details
Free parking available
You’ll be provided a meal
Use back door
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