Busser Job
North San Jose, San Jose
This gig has expired
$160.57 estimated pay
$20.79/hr x 7.5 hours
7:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Saturday, August 17
Instructions and details
Bistro black attire: Pressed black dress shirt, black slacks, black dress shoes, black belt, black tie
Wear black non-slip shoes
Bring a pen
Bring a black apron
Location details
Free parking available
You’ll be provided a meal
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A Busser/Food Runner role refers to a front of house worker whose primary responsibility is to support the servers of the job site.

Busser/Food runner responsibilities:

Responsible for the overall cleanliness of the restaurant and service areas.
Performed wine services
Between settings promptly clean table tops, chairs and booths. Check floor and clean as required. Reset and arrange tabletop.
Respond appropriately to guest requests. Communicate guest requests to server immediately.
Communicate with server and hostess to assure efficient seating, table utilization and customer service.
Assist server as needed with food delivery, especially with large parties and during peak periods.
Attend mandatory meetings.
Perform all assigned side work.
Perform general cleaning tasks to adhere to health and safety standards.
Complete other duties as assigned by supervisor.

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