Busser Job
Downtown, Boston
$59.50 estimated pay
$17.00/hr x 3.5 hours
10:30 AM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
Friday, August 23
Instructions and details
Attire: Black shirt, black pants, black shoes.
Wear black non-slip shoes
Please arrive in a black shirt/black pants/black shoes and enter via the loading dock at 55 Purchase St for 1 International Place. Check-in with security in the loading dock and proceed to the 5th floor. Follow the signs to the kitchen. Safari will be in the kitchen. Before the food arrives: clean the area, set up chafing dishes, layout dish cards and menus /cutlery/napkins/plates/etc. When the food arrives: Direct the vendor where to set up, create a nice presentation for food (logical order), add serving utensils to every dish, make sure the food is in a logical order, send Platterz a photo of the food set up. Serving: Serve, replenish food as needed, keep the area clean, be able to identify dietary (veg, gluten-free, etc.) End of service: Take a picture of the leftover food, provide client feedback (What dishes went too fast, what they had leftovers of), wash chafing dishes, through away food if instructed, wipe the area, put away equipment, and leave the area clean.
No parking available
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A Busser/Food Runner role refers to a front of house worker whose primary responsibility is to support the servers of the job site.

Busser/Food runner responsibilities:

Preparing for guests by cleaning and setting tables
Setting up any seasonal decorations, candles, or table cloths
Greeting patrons, and if needed, escorting guests to tables
Assisting guests by providing menus; keeping menus clean and presentable
Serving water to guests and refilling beverage glasses as needed
Placing and replacing silverware as needed
Delivering beverages from the bartender
Stocking wait staff serving stations with napkins, utensils, trays, condiments, and salt and pepper containers
Removing guests’ dirty dishes and utensils
Delivering used dishes and utensils to the kitchen for cleaning
Assisting dishwashers to scrape, stack, or load dishes into dishwasher as needed
Vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping dining room
Removing trash and recycling; replacing trash bags
Cleaning up guest spills as needed
Directing guests to restrooms or exits as needed
Clearing table as guests complete their meals and preparing tables for next guests
Following and maintaining all sanitation and safety procedures
Performing closing activities such as cleaning chairs and tables, stacking chairs, preparing stations for morning shift
Additional duties may include assisting kitchen staff with preparing ingredients and cleaning kitchen surfaces.

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