Bartender Job
Oyster Point, South San Francisco
This gig has expired
$106.85 estimated pay
$24.90/hr x 5.0 hours
5:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Saturday, October 12
Instructions and details
Attire: No clothing preference
Event is a Hosted bar. Black or White Bistro is fine. Professional bartenders serve liquor, beer and wine. Arrive On time to train on POS - we use ShopKeep. Ok to take a 10-15 minute break but maintain one bartender at all times.Please bring proof of CA ABC training eTips is great. Tip jar!
Location details
Free parking available
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A bartender role refers to a front of house worker whose primary responsibility is to create a hospitable and responsible environment for guests to enjoy themselves.

Bartender's responsibilities:

Follow all state and local laws for serving alcohol responsibly (e.g., last call times).
Prepare drink orders for guests according to specified recipes using measuring systems.
Maintain cleanliness and condition of bar, bar unit (CO2 lines, soda tanks, soda guns, drain, etc.), tables, and other tools, following all set-up guidelines.
Prepare fresh garnishes for drinks.
Document and communicate any incidents/accidents immediately to management and Loss Prevention during shift or event.
Stock ice, glassware, and paper supplies.
Requisition all necessary supplies, specifically bottle-for-bottle liquor restock, transporting supplies from storeroom to bar set-up area as required.
Remove soiled wares from bar top and tables and place in designated area.
Anticipate and communicate replenishment needs promptly, ensuring no shortages throughout scheduled function time, and ensuring proper authorization for additional payments as required prior to replenishing.

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