Bartender Job
Coliseum Industrial, Oakland
This gig has expired
$190.58 estimated pay
$23.10/hr x 6.5 hours
3:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Monday, September 16
Instructions and details
Bistro black attire: Pressed black dress shirt, black slacks, black dress shoes, black belt, black tie
Wear black non-slip shoes
Bring a pen
Bring a wine key
MUST BE TEAM or TIP TRAINED and have a copy of your certification on handThis is a cashier position working the concession stand. No TipsNo color nail polish and nails may not be longer than 1/4 inch long. Piercings must be removed and tattoos must be covered. Shoes must be all black, to include the soles and laces. No backpacks allowed in the stadium. You may bring a small clear bag only. You may not take any food home, otherwise that is considered theft.
Location details
Free parking available
You’ll be provided a meal
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A bartender role refers to a front of house worker whose primary responsibility is to create a hospitable and responsible environment for guests to enjoy themselves.

Bartender's responsibilities:

Planning drinks and snack menu;
Suppling the bar with the necessary beverages and snacks;
Check the bar equipment regularly and have it serviced whenever necessary;
Comply with the rules and regulations related to food, alcohol and tobacco selling and consumption;
Wash glasses, utensils and equipment used for drink preparation;
Maintain the bar area clean and organized;
Display drinks in a pleasant manner and place offers in a visible place, so that clients see them instantly;
Clean the tables and arrange stools for a neat and organized bar look;
Order supplies and deal with suppliers when orders arrive;
Keep cash register in good order;
Supervise the work of bar staff or other bartenders;
Dust, vacuum, wash windows and perform other similar cleaning duties before the bar opens or after it closes.

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