Bartender Job
Sharon Heights, Menlo Park
This gig has expired
$95.29 estimated pay
$25.41/hr x 3.75 hours
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Saturday, December 07
Instructions and details
Attire: White long-sleeve button down dress shirt, black full-length dress pants, black belt, black slip-resistant shoes, black tie
Wear black non-slip shoes
Bring a wine key
Must be willing to help with service as needed (coming out from behind the bar), job duties include bar cleanup/breakdown and some setup before, during and after event as needed.
Location details
Free parking available
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A bartender role refers to a front of house worker whose primary responsibility is to create a hospitable and responsible environment for guests to enjoy themselves.

Bartender's responsibilities:

Greet clients and hand in the menus;
Inform clients on house’s specials and daily/weekly offers as well as on any promotion going on at the moment;
Give clients information on different drinks and help them choose the ones which best suit their preferences;
Prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for clients in accordance with the menu and the clients’ specifications;
Pour wine/beer/bottled drinks in glasses and serve drinks to clients upon request;
Help clients choose different snacks that best complement their drinks;
Check clients’ ID to make sure they are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages;
Entertain clients during their stay at the bar;
Clean/replace ashtrays regularly when needed;
When a client has had too much alcohol, refuse politely to serve him/her more alcohol;
Ask troublesome people to leave the bar when they are on the verge of scandal;
Collect money from clients for the drinks and snacks served and provide change when necessary;
Upon request, provide guests with information on local dining offers and ways of entertainment.

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